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Soulstone Survivors: Table for Cheat Engine {FluffyWafflesIX}

Features List:

[Player Settings]
- Reduced Dash Cooldown
- Unlimited Rage
- No Cooldowns
- Too Many Resources
- Instant Level Up
- Quick Select Power Up Card
- Top Down View Mode
- 5x Exp Multiplier

[Lobby Settings]
- Unlock Runes
- Try Force Achievement Progression v2
- Remove Runic Power Cost
- Free Crafting (Consumes 0 Resources)
- No Crafting (Money/Currency)

[Enemy Settings]
- No Target

[Objective Settings]
- Skip Eliminate Enemy Objective (Normal Enemies)
- Skip Eliminate Enemy Objective (Bosses)

[Pointer Scripts]
- Player Character
- Player Profile
- Survivors Game Manager

Note: "Try Force Achievement Progression v2" does not actually unlock achievements. It just allows you to interact with things that would normally require an achievement... and another note, it also doesnt remove checks for very specific achievements (usually character related)

Author: FluffyWafflesIX

The source of information - Soulstone Survivors

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