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Space Rangers HD: A War Apart - Table for Cheat Engine {juu}


General values: race, credits, experience, ranks, nodes balance, ratings, skills, position and etc
Some scripts that work with those records: teleport, load missiles, repair/break ship under the cursor, repair equipment under the cursor
Equipment editing: hull (Shadow of the Empire included), engine, fuel tank, droid, gripper (including its pulling speed now!), shield generator, radar, scanner, weapons
Programs: any unique and common anti-dominator programs + camo (cloak) + finances (credit/deposit stuff) + insurance/pirate license
Stimulators and illnesses: you can turn any of these on or off, set their day-of-end 
Current planet: you can change amounts and prices of goods on the planet, your reputation (aka relation/attitude) and even tech levels of the planet. For uninhabited planets you can set the explored area values to insta-explore it (script included)
Planetary battles: faster completion as you can set resources, robot counter (freeze at 0 to bypass the limit) and selected robot's HP
Arcade battles: you can freeze HP, weapon charge, weapon last shot tick (rapidfire) and effects (script can toggle all of these in a click)
Items under the cursor: allows to edit pretty much anything if you hover the cursor over it and tab out. Includes all of the equipment plus artifacts (you can nearly every art into the other), goods (amount, type, price, only works in storages!), nodes (amount), probes (if, for whatever reason, you don't just use insta-explore), micromodules. Separate section allows to edit all of these (except for goods, obviously) for literally any other NPC if you scan them and do the same

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