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Spiritfall: Table for Cheat Engine {BabyGroot}


- Run State

- Player Data

+ + + POINTER ++ +

--- Run State --- [ Active, Need Get Currency ]

pBase - [ Color Silver Don't Chance ] Started At Version

Max Hp

Current Hp


Xp Level

Run Currency

Launcher Blessing

Assist Blessing

Bolt Blessing

Dash Blessing

Room State

Feature State

Shop State

Attack Damage Upgrade Level Launcher Damage Upgrade Level

--- Player Data ---

pBase - [ Color Silver Don't Chance ]

Game Speed

Additional Damage Taken

Additional Damage Given

Additional Damage From Below

Additional Damage To Far Enemies

Additional Shield Damage

Additional Damage Percent To Overlapping Enemy

Additional Damage To Isolated Enemy

Additional Damage Per Status Effect

Additional Damage Per Electrified Stack

Additional Shield Damage Per Drenched Stack

Additional Damage Per Run Currency Amount

Additional Damage Per Wave

Additional Damage Per Room In Region

Additional Damage Percent To Half HP

Additional Damage At Low HP

Additional Air Jumps In Run

Additional Damage Per Nearby Frost Wall Splat Insta Kill HP Threshold Run Currency Multiplier

Run Currency Bonus Per Status Effect On Kill

Run Currency Gain Per Damage Taken

Cooldown Bonus On Hit

Cooldown Speed

Bonus Post Air Jump

Bonus Damage At Start Of Combat

Bonus Damage On Heal

Bonus Damage After Hit Or Shield Break

Heal On Elite Kill

Heal On Open Chest

Chance To Get Upgraded Blessing

Temp Bonus Damage And Movement Speed

Swift Kill Dust And Essence Bonus

New Room Max Dust

Author: BabyGroot

The source of information - Spiritfall

DOWNLOAD (4.4 Kb) 2023-Apr-04

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