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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Table for Cheat Engine {Cielos}


- health can still be decreased but you won't die.

max stamina
- as title says.

max force
- as title says.

ignore force
- as title says
- you'd find 3 child scripts being activated together. it's normal.

can block/evadeattack type fetch & block/evade state switch (aka auto-block)
- when can block/evade is activated, the 2 child scripts will be activated together. it's normal.
- when you're not blocking, all attacks will be auto-blocked, even if you're attacking or the attacks are supposed to be unblock-able.
- when you're blocking manually, you'd perfect block (parry) all attacks, including the unblock-able ones.
- some attacks could still hit you occasionally when you try to dodge attacks. especially if you want to do a "perfect evade" but dodged too soon and failed.

walk key + mouse multiplier
- press and hold CapsLock key to walk.
- press CapsLock + E to activate analogue sim, Shift + E to de-activate analogue sim.
analogue sim: slows down the turn speed to smoothen the sudden turning when moving. looks more natural when moving around, but cab be quite bothersome when in combat. hence the hotkeys to activate/de-activate the script on the fly.

Author: Cielos

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