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Starfield: Table for Cheat Engine {Zanzer}


Player Pointer
Container Pointer
Experience Multiplier
Zero Weight
Research Ignores Skill Check
Free Research
Free Build
Free Craft
Free Equipment Mods
Ignore Craft Materials (thanks gir489)
Ignore Skill Challenge
Unlimited Dialog Turns
Unlimited Boost Pack
Unlimited Oxygen
No Reload
Ship Systems Run at Full Power
Ignore All Ship Design Errors
Ignore Ship Module Hard Limit on Add
Ignore Ship Module Hard Limit on Copy
100% Pickpocket
Perfect Stealth
Ship Engine Pointer
Unlimited Ship Weapons
Mannequin Pointer (Respawn Mantis Armor)
Stealth Always Active
Stealth Meter Always Visible
Unlimited Inventory

Author: Zanzer

The source of information - Starfield

DOWNLOAD (22.2 Kb) 2023-Sep-08

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