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Styx: Shards of Darkness - Table for Cheat Engine {Marc}

I took the table above and updated it for Steam-Version 1.05.
More detailed: the scripts by Kalas (Swiftness, Mery, Shadow) and the Pointers by The Magician.

Added my own Scripts for Mercy and Shadow which reset the values to zero when you press Escape instead of writing zero to it every time you raise an alarm / kill someone. Found it more handy this way.

In my archive, I found another great Script made by "Cheat The Game" (Bloodfayte on FRF), which allows to always stay in stealth, even when standing right in front of an enemy. Did not dare to add it to this table because I don't want to get hit by him

Made by Kalas
Made by The Magician

Author: Marc

The source of information - Styx: Shards of Darkness

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