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Sugar Shack: Table for Cheat Engine {lmrlmax}


Disable Script of not used to avoid crash, error, bug

- Item Storage Edit (Careful for Cooking Utensil and Atlas)
     Item Take (AOB)    <script>
- Money (Change after use) (AOB)    <script>
- Faster Fix Item Condition (AOB)    <script>
- Add Reputation (AOB)    <script>
- Unlimited Watering Can (AOB)    <script>
- Time Freeze (AOB)    <script>


1. Item Storage Edit
- Work if you take 1 item
- Affect Item Storage (Lumber / wood rack, item storage)
- Affect New Atlas Map Piece *CAREFUL
- Affect Cooking station *CAREFUL
- Affect NPC sell stand (can buy infinite map piece from lumberjack)
- You can edit the value
2. Money Added
- Change after selling item in box
3. Faster Fix Item Condition
- Item only needed 1 item for each object
- If item wrong it make the game crash *CAREFUL
4. Add Reputation
- Change added reputation, need to serve customer
5. Unlimited Watering Can
- Work if there water in watering can
6. Time Freeze
- I set value to 300 or 9 AM
- Change value as you want

Author: lmrlmax

The source of information - Sugar Shack

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