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Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris - Table for Cheat Engine {a_busy_man}


  • Shia (Money)
  • Skill Points
  • Ascension Points
  • Daily Quest Progression
  • Highlighter:
    • Id in 4 bytes to display name and in 2 byte to show ID inside the type of item. Types of item have Dropdown with their names. The quantity is modificable if it is an stackable item. It isn't recommended to touch Quest Items and Add-ons. The items on the Network tab can be modified, but they would be reset to the real values onwhen changing map.
    • Dropdown with item names. All the items should be present, including CUBE ones, but remember that those restored to real values when changing the map. In the case that some item is missing please report
    • You can modify everything on the weapons/armors/accessories, including stats, attachment, and Incarnation. Impossible values may cause problems when playing multiplayer.
    • Recommended to use the Highlighter on the inventory. It still works on the equipment screen, but it may provoke issues.
  • Current Controlled Character Stats (HP, SP, EXP, STR, VIT, DEX, AGL)
  • Selected Character (Group or Record Tab): It shows the Level, Sacred Arts Level, Level Rival, if the character can join team, Custom Points, Mood, Emotion value 1 increase (untested), Emotion value 2 increase (untested), EX Skill, Persona (number of the bar), Persona (Not Original) Anima, and Anima (Not Original).
  • EX Unlocks: Requirements to unlock EX skills. Besides these requirements, there is a need to call the required statue manually.
  • Weapon Mastery: Mastery of al all the types of weapons that you can use.
  • NPC Weapon Mastery: Mastery of the NPC on their weapons. All playable characters available as long as they have weapon (Selka and Cardinal doesn't). Wayfarers not included.
  • Fishing Mastery: 1000 will give you the max level of fishing.
  • Trust Artisans: I added all artisans I found, but there are some without a name because I don't know/remember who they are. Please, report any artisans that had value but not name if you notice who is. If there is any missing artisan, tell me, and I will add it.
  • Crafting: Levels and skill value of the different types of crafting.
  • Sacred Arts Character Level: There are some unknown characters grouped between the known ones. If someone discovers who they are, please inform. Wayfarers not included.
  • Level: Same as in the previous point but regarding the normal level instead of sacred arts. Wayfarers not included.
  • Skills: All the mastery of the skills. 10000 is the three stars, which is 100% extra damage. Note that there are many entries without description, but they are linked to normal attacks, combos, etc. There is no way to visualize the mastery of those in the game, but it is tracked internally. There are also some masteries only for NPC, like Renly's Boomerang-type weapon masteries and all the Finish Art/Enhance Armament/Release Recollection of the characters.
  • Mood: The required level to get a bed scene is Lvl5, but you must be at lvl4 and increase it manually to trigger a bed scene. The characters with bed scenes change the value of mood to indicate that they are past a certain bed scene. There is a dropdown added to simplify. All wayfarers included. ReoNA included, but she can't have heart-to-heart conversations, so this value can't be increased legally.
  • Intimate Talk (NOT WORKING): Pointers to control the hearts, music notes and remaining time on heart-to-heart conversation. Works for any heart-to-heart conversation.
  • Levels RIVAL: 100% is 2700, but better to always go up to 2699 and increase one. For the trophies, I recommend going to 899 and go up to 900 to reach Rank 4 and get the trophy before increasing it to the max value. All wayfarers included. For the 100 affinity Rank 2 trophy, you need to put the value and 99 and speak once to go up to Rank 2 manually. Otherwise, that character wouldn't count. ReoNA included, but she can't have heart-to-heart conversations, so this value can only be increased legally by praising on combat. Each value has an associated Custom Point. Custom Points shouldn't be higher than Rival level.
  • Affinity % Top-Bottom: 100% is 10000, but it is better to put it at 9999 and increase it manually once. There are two for each character. The addresses here are for the original Persona and Anima, if customized, check the next point. All wayfarers included. ReoNA included, but she can't have heart-to-heart conversations, so this value can't be increased legally.
  • Affinity % Top-Bottom Not original Persona/Anima: 100% is 10000, but it is better to put it at 9999 and increase it manually once. There are two for each character. The addresses here are for any Persona, and Anima set to the character except the original, if customized, check the next point. All wayfarers included. ReoNA included, but she can't have heart-to-heart conversations, so this value can't be increased legally.
  • Renown: Renown linked to towns and cities. The same renown may apply on more than one map. MAX 1000.
  • Speed and Jump: This group includes useful parameters. There is a dropdown with the default ones in case of wanting to restore them.
    • Jump Height: Change the height of the jump. Beware that high number may send you out of the map without the possibility of returning. It may not work properly on Centoria.
    • Gravity: Diminishing the number increases the time you last on air when jumping
    • Move Speed Walking/Swimming/Running/Weapon. Increase the number to move faster.
  • Character Customization: All options from Create Character in-game. It is possible to set up impossible legal configurations by using the face and hair of other characters (since v1.03 of the game, some of them are available legally, but the IDs are different, be careful with which one you are using). It isn't recommended to play online with impossible setups since it is impossible to confirm that there wouldn't be a ban. If playing online like that, it is on your own responsibility.
  • Visualize: Visualize items for each character. You can set whatever you want even if not unlocked (as long as the character can equip it). The Dropdown is complete with everything. Note that if you don't own the item on visualize, you can only equip it with the table, if you switch to another one, you will need to set it with the table again. The Glows of the weapons can be customized separately instead of using the legal combination. CUBE weapons and outfits included.
  • Highlighted SubQuest: Edit progression on subquests. It may not work with all.
  • Time and Weather (NOT WORKING): Preriod of the day isn't editable. The current weather and the hour of the day are editable.

There are several scripts included.
Working scripts:

  • Damage Modifier (God Mode, One Hit Kill, Enemy Damage Multiplier, Hero Damage Multiplier, etc.)
  • Infinite SP
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Amount On Use
  • EXP Multiplier
  • Infinite Skill Points
  • Equipped Buffs Max Out Parameters (Use for 100% Critical, Equip Pierce Weakness After Enabling)
  • No Crafting Material Requirement (Material Type Items)
  • NPC Trust Multiplier (Crafting Requests)
  • Crafting Skill Level Multiplier (Crafting Requests)
  • Weapon Proficiency Multiplier
  • Max/Infinite Arts Gauge In One Hit
  • Fast Load Sacred Art: two versions of this scritpt to load Sacred Arts faster.
  • Fish v2 (Load or Change rod if values are ??): The value of all fishes should be 100 to work properly.
  • Infinite Time in Dungeon: Activate on Inside Dungeons (Raid) to have infinite time
  • Canaan Scripts (Always be careful when using them since they aren't made by us):
    • Use Skill once for max proficiency (Hotkey: Ctrl+Number7)
    • EX Skill Connection Time extended
    • Fast battle (Reduces Attack Delay and cooldowns) (hotkey: Ctrl+Number5)
    • Quick Fatal Strike
    • Easy Connect [Inferno Raid] & [Shine Circular ] (beta)
    • Blocking skills are cast directly (Sanka & Back Attack)
    • Land quickly after being floated (hotkey: Ctrl+Number6)
    • Buff Time does not decrease
    • RISK time is not reduced
    • RISK Max (Hotkey: Ctrl+Number3)
    • Ignore the conditions and directly remove the seal of the beast
    • Turn on all teleportation steles ([World Map]-->Enter any area detailed map to take effect)
    • Gallery CG fully open

Author: a_busy_man

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is there any partner affinity point maxing for this?
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Just curious does trainer's "Lunach_Game" contradicts to the CE table? It seems like the I can run trainer but table's "Enable" tab wont open up and I assume EAC is disabled.
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just a note, 1.03 makes all this hacks unusable as it doesnt enable anymore, i have both version 1.01 and 1.03 and it doesnt work anymore on 1.03
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it dont open it said " this is not a valid cheat table " great