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Sword Art Online: Last Recollection - Table for Cheat Engine {a_busy_man}

Static Pointers:

  • Cash: This is how the money is called in this game.
  • Skill Points
  • Seal Power Charges
  • Characters Pointers: The characters have static pointers, for their Visualize, EXP, Level, and Friendship. Food Buff has been added as of 1.03.
    • Note: The Affinity 5 (Max Rank) is with Friendship is 2700.
    • Note: The level is your Rank +20, a Dropdown has been added so you can select the Rank you want instead of calculating. The Max Rank in the demo is Rank 10 and in the base game 50.
    • There are also pointers for the time remaining of the food and what it is. The time is manipulable, the type of food not. Even if you change, it won't affect the game

Dynamic Pointers:

  • Character Stats(Only ControlledChar): The pointers only work for the character you are currently controlling. I haven't found yet for the other party members. It includes: Hp, HpMax, Sp, SpMax, Stamina, StaminaMax, Mp (?), MpMax(?), Exp (Visual Only), Lv (Visual Only. Your Rank is always shown as 20+ from what you see in-game), MagicLv (?), MagicExp (?). The ones marked with a (?) are ones I haven't found in-game use yet, but since I found them labeled as such, I decided to add them just in case.
  • Character Movement: Jump Height, Move Speed (It goes back to normal if you don't freeze the value at the speed you want), Move Speed Crouched (Untested because I don't know how to crouch in-game), Swim Speed (Untested), Fly Speed (Untested),Custom Movement Speed (Not sure what this actually does), Max Acceleration (Untested). They all got a dropwdown with their original value marked as Standard.
  • CustomTimeDilation: I am not sure what this does since I haven't been able to test it yet.
  • Buff (?):I am not sure what this pointer does yet.
  • Hazard Gauge:Three Pointers related to the Hazard Gauge including Max and Current.
  • Emergency Avoid Gauge:Three Pointers related to the Emergency AvoidGauge including Max and Current.
  • Ability List (?):Not sure what this does yet.
  • Ally Skills Gauge (Super Arts Gauge):Three Pointers related to the Ally Skills Gauge (Super Arts Gauge) including Max and Current.

Highlighted Item:

  • Allows edition of quantity and stats of any item
  • It includes dropdowns, if you find a value that is missing, post it so it can be added
  • You can also change the skills attached to the item. Dropdown included.


  • Infinite Money: Money can go up, but it can't go down.
  • Infinite Skill Point: Skill Points can be increased but not decreased.
  • Infinite Seal Power Charges: Stop Worryng about when use the Seal Power Charges and looking where to recharge it.
  • Skill Once to Max: Use Skill one and its count use will go to 10000 mastering it. If the value is 10000 or higher, it les the value continue to increse without issues.
  • Affinity Once to Max: Increase Affinity once to reach 2700, which is Affinity 5 and the max. In case the Affinity is already 2700 or higher, it increses like normal.
  • Infinite Food Buff: Food won't end. The script is set to have all the food constantly having 1800 second left as long as the script is on.
  • Infinite Weapon Awakening: It is a bit slow in acticating, but once it is one, the gauge will get full with a single action and once it is full it won't decrese even if you use it.
    • Note: Activate it on a field instead than on a town for it to activate properly.
  • Infinite Ally Gauge
  • Reset Skill Cooldown: No more annoying cooldowns, spam skills as you want.
  • Infinite Sp
  • 1 Hit Kill: Kills any enemy with One Hit.
    • Disable it when doung the Trial Statues or you won't be able to compelte them due to the enemy dying.
    • I don't recommend haivng it active on Story battles as sometimes there are events triggered on lowering HP rather than killing.
  • God Mode: Don't receive damage anymore, be always at full HP
  • Auto Kill Everything: It will kill any enemy that spawns, but those already spawned will remain. You won't receive any exp, but chests will be unlocked once the monsters die.
  • God Mode + Auto Kill Everything: Those two can't be activated at the same time to work, so this version is to have both simoultaneously.
    • Quick Respawn Hunt Quest: The Hunt Quest Respawn faster. About 10 sec.
    • Infinite Skill Buff: Skill buffs won't be exhausted.
      • Note: This affects buffs regardless if positive or negative.

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