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Sword Art Online: Lost Song - Table for Cheat Engine {kemenner}

Cheats included:

  • No Damage: Player and Party won't take damage.
  • One Hit Kill
  • Unlimited MP
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • Unlimited Union: Union gets filled instantly after making any action in battle.
  • Inventory Won't Decrease
  • Money won’t decrease
  • Enhancement Always Succeeds: weapons will always be enhanced regardless of the result. In other words, the weapon will level up even if the result is a failure.
  • Auto Complete Side Quests: all monster hunting side quest will be instantly completed once activated. I recommend using it only inside the tavern. Pick the quests, exit the tavern, go inside again, then activate the cheat. Deactivate after you finish.
  • XP multiplier: the multiplier can be adjusted with any value you desire. Default is 10.
  • Drop Rate Modifier: the drop rate can be adjusted with any value you desire. Default is 100.
  • Cast Rate Modifier: the cast rate can be adjusted with any value you desire. Lower means you will cast super-fast, higher you will cast super slow. Default is 0,1.
  • Movement Speed Modifier: player and party movement speed can be adjusted with any value you desire. For reference the speed up spell provides a speed of 1.5, in town the speed is 1. Setting the speed to 2 will let you move faster than with the spell on, even while in town.
  • Warehouse Quantity Modifier: activate the cheat, then open up your warehouse stock. The quantity of the items that you're currently browsing will become 500. This value can be adjusted, max value is 999. Works on consumables and materials only.

Pointers for:

  • Player base address
  • Warehouse base address (to get the address open your warehouse stock)
  • Yuld (money)
  • Kirito's HP
  • Kirito's MP
  • Kirito’s Stamina
  • Union
  • # of side quest completed (achievement related)
  • # of extra quests completed (achievement related)
  • # of side quests completed solo (achievement related)
  • # of different weapons collected (achievement related)
  • # of different accessories collected (achievement related)
  • Current session play time (Useless whatsoever)

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