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Tainted Grail: Conquest - Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


Inf Items (View Inventory)

Infinite Battle Health (Constantly Moves Max Health into Current Health)

Infinite Energy/Combat Points

Quickcharge Ultimates

No Cooldown for Per Round Skills (ie. Ultimates)

Pointers (May need to Fight to populate or Move around outside of combat)

- Current Health

- Max Health

- XP to Next Level (View Character: Increase to Instantly Level Up)

- Wyrd Charges

- Energy Points

             Move Around Outside of Combat to Populate-> Values Stick Ш

- Base Damage Min

- Base Damage Max

- Armor

- Evasion

- Resistance

- Max Cards in Hand

- Cards Draw

           Open Inventory to Populate->if In Village Save/Quit and Reload After ChangingUl      Character Level

- Wealth

- WrydStone

- Runestone Dust

- Blood

- Tallow

- CardShreds

- GoldenToken

- Journal Pages

Author: gideon25

The source of information - Tainted Grail: Conquest

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