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Tale of Immortal: Table for Cheat Engine {panraven}


- ----Reward_Prop_Item, item from shop or event has minimum 100 , see <*>;
- ----WorldUnit_CostPropCount , most 'learn/craft' has no cost of money or material, not cover all so see it yourself;
-Reward_Money_MUL, money drop x 10;
-RewardTool_withLuck, drop chance in battle;
-PropData_AddExp, for multiplier of 'learn exp' in field or similar;
-Unit_Add_DMSP_MUL, mul for gain/lose mp/sp etc <delete>globally apply to other cultivator</delete>;
-Steal_Item, should be 100% success and not expose, and not lose stamina;
-SkillDataAttack_ShotCD, player rapid, attack skill cd upper bound, apply to RPG or DLC/bullet-haven mode;
-MapMove_CostZeroDays, cost not days when map moving, not including event in map;
-Limits <+> set global min/max of stat, apply to all cultivator, so mostly they are not battle related, remove some if need
- ----luck_minmax
- ----mood_minmax
- ----health_minmax
- ----energy_minmax (Stamina)
- ----abilityPoint_minmax
- ----beauty_minmax
- ----reputation_minmax
- ----talent_minmax (Insight)
- ----moveSpeed_minmax (in battle)
- ----footSpeed_minmax (in map)
- ----mp_minmax
- ----sp_minmax (focus)
- ----hateRate_minmax
- ----dp_minmax ( what's dp ? )

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