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Tekken 7: Table for Cheat Engine {ZoDDeL}

off = game default. get rage at low health and can use 1 time rage art/rage drive per round
inf rage = can use infinite times rage art/rage drive at any health
no rage = can never use rage art/rage drive

Godmode / Damage Multiplier
off = game default. take damage as intended
god = take no damage
2x/3x/5x/10x = take multiple dmg per hit

off = game default. fill super bar by damaging your enemy
inf super = super bar is always full
no super = super bar is always empty

P1 means player 1 (left)
P2 means player 2 (right)
after activating a script choose what you want under value dropdown menu
you can mix options like P1 god + P2 2x dmg and all 3 scripts are usable at the same time!
table is intended for local pvp or arcade/treasure battle. no tests made for story mode!!!

works in fact only offline!
if you try is in online mode you will get desynced very soon and your enemy finish his battle vs AI
so its no benefit in online mode.

Author: ZoDDeL

The source of information - Tekken 7

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