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Terraria: Table for Cheat Engine {Grimshaw_Eden}

I made some updates because certain things weren't entirely functional and also added a new script!
- Fixed LavaImmune not working (I forgot to save when I changed it last time lol).
- Went back to the original script by Okamo and optimized it. Should be more reliable and activate faster now!
- Changed a couple descriptions for clarification on what does what

- Added Increase Melee Speed. Warning that if your speed exceeds the maximum speed of the weapon it'll stop working. To avoid this make sure your weapon does NOT have any Speed buffs (aka reforge it at the Goblin)
- Added No Item Reuse Time. STILL IN TEST PHASE AND I CRASHED A COUPLE TIMES USING IT, so make sure you don't have anything important to save before using it.

Author: Grimshaw_Eden

The source of information - Terraria

DOWNLOAD (70.2 Kb) 2022-Jun-01

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