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Terraria: Table for Cheat Engine {MusYAnon}


 Enable Journey mode menu and research all items (basically spawn any item in the game)
- No knockback
- No drown
- Infinite Mana
- God Mode (you cannot die, but using the one from Journey mode is better I believe)
- Damage heals you (instead of damaging you as it should)
- Disable Rod Of Discord damage (it normally damages you after more than 1 use repeatedly)
- God mobs (mods cannot die in any way)
- Insta-kill (the opposite, you kill any mob with one shot)
- Infinite ammo (bullets, arrows, or any ammo isn't consumed when shot)
- Infinite blocks (placing an item or using certain potions doesn't remove if from your inventory)
- Block dupe (obtaining a block or removing and getting it back from your inventory dupes it to max. amount)
- Craft anything (craft any craftable item, but Journey mode menu already does that)
- Full brightness (see every block on your screen with full brightness and adjust the colors)
- Always show NPC health bar.

Author: MusYAnon

The source of information - Terraria

DOWNLOAD (22.8 Kb) 2023-Apr-11

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