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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth + DLCs - Table for Cheat Engine {Saug}


- God Mode
Infinite Red Heart
No Hurt
- PickUp (Key | Coin | Bomb)
Infinite Coin
Infinite Bomb
Inifinite Key
Golden Key
Golden Bomb
No Need Key
No Delay Bomb
Spawn Infinite Pickup
- Free
Free Devil's Dead
Free Buy In Shop
Free Coin Donation (Restock, Slot Machine, ...)
Key Master Free Donation
Free Donation Bomb Burn
- Misc
Set 999999 to Score
Freetime Time
One Hit Kill
Reveal Map
Open Doors In Enemy Rooms
Open Console
Debug Mode
Open Secret | Super Secret Room
Infinite Energy
Get Number Of Sacrifice
Modify Number Of Sacrifice
Set 999 to Donation Machine
Grenn Mode Instant 11/10
Change Pedestals Item
- Instant Charge | Rapid Fire
Tech X: Rapid Fire
Tech X: Instant Charge
Azazel : Rapid Fire
Azazel Instant Charge
Chocolate Millk: Rapid Fire
Chocolate Millk: Instant Charge
Monstro's Lung: Instant Charge
Monstro's Lung: Rapid Fire

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