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The Guild 3: Table for Cheat Engine {gideon25}


Set Relations/Popularity High (Must click on a person from each Neighborhood/Village)

Easy Max Romance (Embark on Romance with someone, then open Book of Dynasties)

No Action Coolclowns

Massive Personal Storage (add an item to a storage slot)_> Keep script on

Character Editor (view Character-Edits any character you click and View)

- First Name (Sometimes NPC names don't show but all stats should be good)

- Relationship/Reputation with you (NPC)

- Last Name
- Age=The year born (take Current Year and subtract 18 to set it to Age 18)
- Money (Player Only)

- Influence (Player Only)

- Title [1 =serf,15=Archduke] (Player Only)

- Attitudes (Player Only)

 -- Level (display only)

 -- Attrribute Points

 -- Total XP

 -- Charisma

 -- Dexterity

 -- Intelligence

 -- Perception

 -- Strength

 -- Current Health

 -- Health (adds to Max Base)

 -- Fertility (Decimals--> 1.5=150%) [adds to base]

 -- Stealth (adds to base)

 -- Attack Power (adds to base)

 -- Bonus When Bargaining [adds to base]

 -- Armor [Adds to Base] (Have to wear some Armor first)
 -- Damage Resistance Decimals--> 1.5:150%) [adds to Base]
 -- Damage [adds to Base]

 -- Defence [adds to Base]

 -- Productivity (Decimals--> 1.5:150%) [adds to Base]
 -- Reputation Bonus (Decimals——> 1.5:1SO%) [adds to Base]
 -- Resistance [adds to Base]

 -- Speed (Decimals--> 1.5:150%) [adds to Base]

 -- Ability to Learn (Decimals——> 1.5:1SO%) [adds to Base]
 -- Ability To Gain Influence (Decimals——> 1.5:150%) [adds to Base]
 -- Medicine [adds to Base]

 -- Excellent Genes (Decimals--> 1.5:150%) [adds to Base]
 -- Regeneration [adds to Base]

 -- Intimidation [adds to Base]

 -- Entertainment [adds to Base]

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