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The Legend of Heroes: Trails through Daybreak - Table for Cheat Engine {DrummerIX}


  • Activate Trainer
  • Activate Trainer 2
  • Save Current Trainer Values
  • Load Current Trainer Values
  • Change Slot Config Description
  • Enable Damage Modifier Options (God Mode, One Hit Kill, etc.)
  • God Mode
  • Hero Damage Multiplier HP
  • Hero Healing Multiplier HP
  • Hero Cannot Die
  • One Hit Kill
  • Enemy Damage Multiplier HP
  • Enemy Healing Multiplier HP
  • Enable Battle EP Options (Infinite EP, etc.)
  • Infinite Battle EP
  • Hero Battle EP Multiplier
  • Hero Healing EP Multiplier
  • Enemy Battle EP Multiplier
  • Enemy Healing EP Multiplier
  • Enable Battle CP Options (Infinite CP, Max CP On Hit, etc.)
  • Infinite Battle CP
  • Max CP On Hit (Hero Party)
  • Hero Battle CP Multiplier
  • Hero Healing CP Multiplier
  • Enemy Battle CP Multiplier
  • Enemy Healing CP Multiplier
  • Enable Infinite Item Usage / Set Minimum Item Amount On Gain/Use/Toss
  • Set Minimum Item Amount On Gain/Use/Toss
  • Force Override Item Quantity
  • Always Critical Hit
  • Infinite Shard Boost
  • Can Always Charge Attack
  • Override Item ID On Gain of Item (Turn Off When Not Needed)
  • Override Item ID
  • Easiest Way, Just Add and Remove Quartz With Infinite Item Usage On To Get Any Item You Want
  • Add 10000 Mira
  • Add 1000 Each Sepith
  • Mira
  • Stock Time
  • Playtime (In Seconds)
  • Earth Sepith
  • Water Sepith
  • Fire Sepith
  • Wind Sepith
  • Time Sepith
  • Space Sepith
  • Mirage Sepith
  • Sepith Mass Crystals

The source of information - Trails through Daybreak

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