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The Lost Village: Table for Cheat Engine {Skkar}


Does not consume items = I recommend leaving it always active so as not to spend items when creating, building or with expenses incurred.
Warehouse +5.000.000 = The value changes whenever you build or destroy a building, activate before entering a save to keep the values or they will revert to normal.
Disciple Limit set to 250 =Construct or destroy a building to activate, activate before going into a save to keep the values or they will revert to normal.
Instant reserch = Instantly ends a research
Faster Production = Produce elixirs, food etc faster
Inf reamaining uses elixir = You can use elixir as many times as you want on NPCs, when deactivated it has +255 possible uses. Use once on NPC to activate on him.
Not consume Gift Point = You can give as many gifts as you want to the disciples.
Sect Reputation 100.000 = Buy something in Diplomacy Hall to set 100k reputation (exchange currency).
Faith Points 100.000 = Buy something from the Faith Store to set 100k Faith (exchange currency).
(Illusion Entance) Room place type +6 = When choosing the type of the next room, it increases by +6 (must have chosen the same type once). Caution: Increases the difficulty of mobs in the room.
(Illusion Entance) Coin +500 = Every time you earn or spend coins, you gain +500 coins.
Trial Tower Gem +1000 = Only activate this when buying a new skill or skill upgrade, deactivate it when you get the gems.
Instant Tribulation (in test) = Only tested on one character, instant tribulation.

Author: Skkar

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