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The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {Tuuuup!}

Table options:
Creating character: Max attributes (put all 1 point, activate script and go next screen)
Removes restriction from items in store/shop
Stealth /enemies won't react when shot
No fall damage
Player damage multiplier (guns only)
max Durability
No ammo lost
Consumable loss drop/clone (need min 2..then drop 1)
max Tactical Time Dilation
XP multiplier
Instant lvl up (get XP)
unl Special Companion
no sway
no spread
no recoil hip fire
no recoil aim
Set interact + highlight range high
Set weight low (drop something if you are already over weight, then pick up again)
max Shroud
Player speed
Money/bits (activate before going in menu)

Author: Tuuuup!

The source of information - The Outer Worlds

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