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The Red Solstice: Table for Cheat Engine {Prismo}

Here is a little contribution for this game.

There are things witch still working on the original table posted :
Unlimited inventory
Unlimited flares
No overheat
No cooldown
Unlimited health

Infos I find on this game :
Health is stored on "Float" equals to the value on the screen
Armor is stored on "Float" equals to the value on the screen
Ammo in clip is stored on "4 bytes" equals to the value on the screen

My table is not perfect and contain the following options :
Inf ammo clip (script) : lock and play infinite ammo for the team
Inf Armor (script) : lock and play (!!! it don't work all the time, some attacks still touching the armor : nuke and explosives !!!)
Inf Health + pointers for the four members of the squad (script) : lock and play (!!! same as armor it don't work for fire and poison damages !!!)
One hit kill (script) : lock and play
Inf Bunker Health (script) : lock and play

Health pointers are effectives only after the unit is touched for the first time. As fire and poison continue to damage the unit I lock the pointer once unit is touched once. If you do this be sure to unlock the pointer at the end of the stage or it can result in crashing the game.

Author: Prismo

The source of information - The Red Solstice

DOWNLOAD (6.8 Kb) 2022-May-03

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