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The Tribez: Table for Cheat Engine {tdg6661}


  • Shelf, Replacement for Item Editor, put your item then work on that.
    • Add Item to Shelf, select an item from here.
    • Update Item, update address of items on Shelf, whenever you move to another island, item address will change into a new one, so you need to activate this option.
  • Max Upgrade Building, Upgrade building to highest level (if available). Select a building to get this work.
  • Max Upgrade Submarine, Self described, activate this preset before entering Submarine screen.


  • Do not use it on online session, or you will be banned instantly.
  • Do not freeze an item on Shelf when you moving to another island, this maybe can crash the game.
  • Do not use Max Upgrade Building on mission building, this will create a bug, and some mission cannot be completed.
  • The graphics are not updated after using Max Upgrade Building, you need to click and hold the item.

Author: tdg6661

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