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theHunter: Call of the Wild - Table for Cheat Engine {ctl3d32}

What it has:
a) weapon mod: no sway, no recoil, gravity disabled for bullets & arrows
b) improved option to highlight animals (works like wallhack): living animals are green, dead ones are magenta, spotted (tagged) animal highlight style is preserved as default, high weight animals are highlighted in red (default is 0.95 (95%) of max weight, but can be changed by the user in the table).
c) one hit kill
d) added some tagged (spotted) animal information.
e) added zero backpack current weight
f) added internal game time
g) added sneak data ( heartbeat, visibility, etc...), although it seems to make no difference.
h) respawned animals will have max weight. That means that male animals will give you diamond.
i) Disable Animal AI

Author: ctl3d32

The source of information - theHunter: Call of the Wild

DOWNLOAD (8.4 Kb) 2023-Jun-26

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I like this very much. please update it for v1859364. please.
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The diamond somewhat works. Not every animal spawned is a diamond male, and you can not hunt the diamonds while this is enabled. I.E. Have to go around, get the amount of respawned diamonds you want, exit the game then reopen and track down the diamonds.
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i cant check all the boxes