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This Land is My Land: Table for Cheat Engine {AmateurCheater9001}


  • -inf. Items {updated Script by Cake-San} credits due (I was headbanging on my table trying to find this, I didnt even know you can do that with the scripts.)
  • -AllRecipesLearnablePlusNoCost
  • -HorseCallDistanceMain500
  • -AllBraves Max Health/Accuracy/GunEdit/NoFreezeHealth Look inside script
  • -PlayerNoWeaponDegradeMainScript
  • -DayCycle Time Hotkey CTRL+1 for Day
  • -PlayerMainSkillsMainScript - Updates when Tabbing - You can edit how many braves join you, weight and inv slots
  • -PersonalHorseMainScript
  • -GameDifficulty - This can modify the difficulty to your liking if you didnt like what you chose at first or was hard locked into being into that like for example, if you wanted realistic needs but you didnt want realistic damage. Now you can choose one instead of being locked. Choose the difficulty in the beginning like normal then when in your camp, update to your liking.
    Also I havent touched the part about being banned social. Ive never agreed to go online because I was too scared to find out. If you're banned, change that and see if it works, let me know!

Author: AmateurCheater9001

The source of information - This Land is My Land

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