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Thunder Tier One: Table for Cheat Engine {The Mogician}

How do you use this table:
1. Go to Single Mission, play the first mission, but turn everything that can make things easy on, less enemies, more intimidation, show enemy locations all the time, except for realism, because we want the 250 XP bonus.
2. When you go in the mission, set enemies captured and enemies killed to 2000.
3. Don't make enemies killed number it too high or else it will crash instantly.
4. If you complete the mission, you get 2000 + 200 XP for enemies killed and captured.
5. Alternatively, you can just fail the mission by getting killed. You get the 2200 XP nonetheless.

Don't think about changing the enemies captured number too high either. The numbers are capped at 2000 and 200 XP for these two and I don't care to find out which number exactly leads to the cap, so just go with the number I gave you if you are just looking to grind.

It is meant to save you some hassle for grinding things out. If you flawless the first mission on realism difficulty, it should get you 3000+ XP which is 3 level ups in one single mission. It's not that hard either. By default, 4 enemies in the courtyard, 2 patrols of two men each on the left and right side of the house, two people each in two rooms of alpha. 5 people in the basement and 3 people in bravo. Once you get the pattern down, should be a piece of cake. If you lowered the amount of enemies (since we are getting 2000 kills naturally with Cheat Engine), it would be 2 in the yard, 2*1 man patrols on both sides, 2 in bravo, one in each room in alpha and 3 in the basement. If you have reveal enemy location on, you can shoot through the wooden door in alpha without even having to enter the room. My best record is about 1:40 with about 10 seconds of speedhack give or take in the mission.

If you want to further optimise this, basically go in the mission wearing a t shirt, no hat, no armor, with CAR-15 (no submachine guns because they can't shoot through the wooden doors) with an ACOG (helps with the aiming) and a Makarov. Sprint in, nail the two in the yard, circle the house from the right hand side facing the house, killing the two patrols, head to bravo, shoot one through the door, go inside and nail the other guy. Kick alpha's door open, shoot both enemies through the doors, enter the room to the left and open the hatch, drop down. If possible, shoot one through the hatch and quickly nail the other two. Look for the document in the three lockers and sprint to exit. If done right, shouldn't be more than 3 minutes.

Now comes with a hokey version where if you press `, the numbers are automatically set to 2000.

Hopefully someone can bounce off of this and figure how to speed things up.

Author: The Mogician

The source of information - Thunder Tier One

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