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Tiny Rogues: Table for Cheat Engine {EphenSteve}


Max Souls On Pickup (use once pick up souls then deactivate)
+10 when upgrading weapons (turn off when not upgrading. crashes randomly)
Infinite Hearts
Infinite Dash
Max Mana (ticks higher not sure if it is just visual)
Freeze Bomb Count
Max Keys on use
Gold on spend
No Reload
+50 int on Int pickup
+50 str on Meat pickup
+50 Dex on Pear Pickup
Disable Tipsy buff loss
Cannon weapons have instant reload
Quicker level up. set level to 0 or wait till level 5 to enable (read table extras)
pointers for Character Level, Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence

Author: EphenSteve

The source of information - Tiny Rogues

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