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Touken Ranbu Warriors: Table for Cheat Engine {ndck76}

Infinite Player Health *Hotkey Included*
Instant Hissatsu *Hotkey Included*
Instant & Infinite Souto Hissatsu *Hotkey Included*
Partner Mode No Cooldown *Hotkey Included*
Infinite Currency *Hotkey Included*
Max Experience Points *Hotkey Included*
Max K.O's *Hotkey Included*
Max Partner Bond Level *Hotkey Included*
Max Upgrade Items *Hotkey Included*
Max Honmaru Level *Hotkey Included*

Player Health Editor *Hotkey Included*
Experience Editor *Hotkey Included*
Currency Editor *Hotkey Included*
Partner Bond Level Editor *Hotkey Included*
Honmaru Level Editor *Hotkey Included*

Note: You can only use either the editor or the scripts provided. If you want to use the editor, you need to disable the individual script that's associated with it. (I.E. To use Player Health Editor, deactivate the Infinite Player Health script and so on)

Author: ndck76

The source of information - Touken Ranbu Warriors

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