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Tower Hunter: Erza's Trial - Table for Cheat Engine {wrace}


god mode - real invulnerability (infinite effect of Solar Eclipse Defense Sphere without it), no decrease of sp, no decrease of recovery itemsinstant regen of ammodash without cooldown from this thread, infinite jump from this thread, improved effect of Soul Cage (+1 for attack / s-attack / defense for each 10 kills instead of +1 for each 100 kills and only for attack; cap at 9999 instead of 999), permanent inverse effect of Unyielding Will (i.e. attack +100% always if this chip is equipped, HP recover), keys can be negative; {unneeded features can be disabled in the code}

ignore pickup cost - gold will be adjusted to the cost of the nearest item (to the maximum possible value of the cost of all items near); if one will visit the page with updates when there is at least one item with cost near, so gold will be always >= cost of the nearest item;

Soul Cage dec - adjustment (decrease) for the bonus of Soul Cage if one will want to start new game with zero bonus for kills (because after passing all difficulties this bonus will be 1500+); from the other side, this code can be modified to increase of bonus;

Items - now it is possible to change weapon and chips; for that one need to change the address of the "item" to "+K*8-8", where K is the number of item in the list of them (which can be obtained by using the script "list" and which is the same for the order of chips you see in inventory excepting items for hair, clothes and weapon which can be at any place of the list); to change item one need just to change its PropsID (this action will change the description of item) by another number (or one can choose predefined number : item from dropdown list) and re-equip this item; since the last taked item is added to the end of the list of items, so it is better to replace the last chip;

Hidden Item - one can made one of the chips to be invisible and can correct its parameters; for that purpose one need to change in the "hidden" item PropsID of some chip, for example, to 297 (Domain of Steel), re-equip it and then change its Type and Pow to 0 (chip will be disappered from the visual list of chips in the game and will have a power cost = 0); after that one can modify its attributes as provided in the CE-table;

Spells - now it is possible to change active spells; for that one need to change their PropsID (description) and SkillCode (effect); KeyCode can be 3 or 4 (the first and second spells respectively), it is provided only for reading; in that case one do not need to re-equip spells for that changes will be applied for them (in comparison with chips and weapon).

P.S.: you should allow to execute LUA script at the opening of the attached cheat table; if you have some doubts for this, do not allow to execute LUA script, follow Table/Show Cheat Table Lua Script in the menu of Cheat Engine, view the script which will be executed at the opening of attached cheat table and run it manually after this because it contains useful functions scanr and scanz which allow to simplify the code of cheats.

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