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Warhammer 40,000 Battlesector: Table for Cheat Engine {FrechetDerivative}

It contains 3 scripts that can be triggered when:

  1. Activate during or before battle begins, and click on a unit that you own:
    Note: You can leave this script activated as long as you like, provided that the TeamID does not change. This could happen, for example, during the ambush mission in campaign. Typically you move first, so your TeamID is 0, but during that mission you move second, so your TeamID is 1 in this case. You can re-enable the script to recalculate TeamID, or set the pointer to TeamID to -1 to force the recalculation.
    1. Change the following stats to user specified values for all models within the unit
      1. Current health and additional health bonus
      2. Evasion bonus
      3. Ranged and melee accuracy bonus
      4. Critical hit chance bonus
      5. Awareness zone bonus
    2. Pointers to the first 3 weapons welded by this unit.
      Note that change to the weapon lasts until you restart game, and affect the same kind weapon wielded by all other units.
      The following pointers are available for modification:
      1. Minimum range
      2. Maximum range
      3. Damage
      4. Armour penetration
      5. Number of attacks
    3. Additional pointers related to this unit and this army:
      1. Command points for HQ unit
      2. Current movement points for this unit
      3. Current action points for this unit
      4. Current momentum for this unit
      5. Unit cap for the army (i.e. number of unit slots, in campaign)
      6. HQ tokens
      7. TeamID: If set to -1, will try to get the TeamID; or you can set it yourself
  2. Go into the HQ Upgrades Center screen during campaign mode:
    1. Unit cap for the army (i.e. number of unit slots)
    2. Maximum requisition points
    3. Current requisition points
    4. HQ tokens
    5. Next active mission point cap
  3. Go into the HQ Upgrades screen during Planetary Supremacy mode:
    1. TeamID (to be copied into the first script on modifying your units)
    2. Current requisition points
    3. Current HQ tokens
    4. Indicator for free reinforcement mode
    5. Indicator for free upgrade mode
    6. Action points used: set to 0 to enable actions

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