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Warhammer 40k: Mechanicus - Table for Cheat Engine {FrechetDerivative}


- Buff attributes of all techpriests.
   Base health is 50, damage +15, armors +10, movement range is 20, and 100% critical chance
- Buff equipemented items of techpriests.
   All equipped items will have zero CP cost and 1 turn cooldown.
   Need to reequip to update the GUI, but is not necessary to make the change.
   Weapon's CP cost is not affected during the mission.
   Weapon's machine spirit will always activate.
- Buff attributes of all unlocked troops.
   Base health + 30, damage +10, armors +10, movement range is 20, movement animation speed up, always move first than your techpriests, cost no CP and no blackstone to deploy.
- Unlock Canticles
   Modify the game statistics to unlock canticles. Note that you can pick them when launching mission even if they have not "officially" unlocked.
   You need to be hit once by each type of weapon and attack with each type of weapon to unlock those damage type specific canticles.
- Additional pointers
   - Blackstone
   - Additional deployment slots; with 10 means additional 10 slots, can be  bigger than the screen shows
   - Reduce troop deployment cost; with 30 means 30% reduction
   - Bonus cognition point; will update GUI during combat, so with more than 1000 will seriously lag the game
   - Overall necron countdown; the campaign wide countdown to the final mission
   - Awake value during mission; only available when on a mission, and affects  the bonuses that Necron gets.

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