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Weird West: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}


Move Speed Mod; scales your move speed.
Sneak Speed Mod; scales your sneak speed.
Jump Speed Mod; scales your jump speed.
No Speed Penalty On Aiming; move at normal speed while aiming (run&gun)
Detection Gain Rate Mod; scales the speed enemies detect you (the bar going up)
Vision Range Mod; scales the distance from which enemies can see you
Hearing Range Mod; scales the distance from which enemies can hear you
Infinite Ammo; as name suggests.
Always Crit; forces a critical hit every time (overrides Crit Chance Mod below by using the predefined chance value of 1000%)
Crit Chance Mod; scales your critical hit chance
Attack Time Mod; scales the duration of an attack (and thereby, its speed)
Weapon Charge Speed Mod; scales the speed at which weapons charge (makes the bow power up faster)
Player Damage Received Mod; scales the damage you receive
Player Damage Dealt Mod; scales the damage you dish out
Infinite Action Points; as name suggests. Not an inventory hack per se, but I included it here.
Infinite Item Durability; usable items won't break.
Travel Supplies; a pointer to Travel Supplies.
Cash; a pointer to Cash.
Resurrects; a pointer to resurrection tokens.
Nimp Relics; a pointer to nimp relics.
Golden Ace Of Spades; a pointer to golden cards.
Get Items; a script that retrieves your inventory so you can change amounts.

Author: Csimbi

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