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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - Table for Cheat Engine {izayoixx}

Made an updated table but it's mostly for visual modifications. Anyway here are the options:

1. Change Orb Color to Red

  • Does what it says. Whenever skills are used, changes the orb color inside the character to red instead of the horrible orange.

2. Animation Swaps to Red Arts

  • Swaps some martial arts animations for the enemy variants (i.e. their red arts). Purely visual. Also I haven't mapped out every martial art yet, mostly just spear arts (Dragon Flash, Dragon Slayer, etc.). Will update later.

3. Red Aura

  • You know the red aura enemies get when their morale is boosted? Well this makes it so that any buff you cast gets you that red aura. The aura is tied to the buff so if the buff expires so does the aura. Make sure to deactivate after using or else everyone else in the game will get the aura. So, activate, cast any buff, deactivate.

4. Buff Changer

  • When activated, changes the buffs given by the wizardry spell "Enhanced Defense" (from the earth tree) to give a lot of infinite duration buffs. So activate the script and cast "Enhanced Defense". Buffs includes regen, hyper armor, spirit regen, etc. The buffs can stack indefinitely. Deactivate the script for "Enhanced Defense" to give it's normal buff again. This is intended to be used with the Red Aura script so you get the aura indefinitely (though buffs reset when resting so just reapply).

5. Remove Equipment Effect Reset

  • A stupid update made it so that effect values on equipment get reset or changed to a "legal" amount when you set it too high. This disables that reset so you can keep your modded stats. Make sure to activate this before loading a game (main menu) and keep it activated. Also yes, you need to always have this script on whenever you plan to keep your modded stats. It is not a one-time patch. So once you loaded a game without this script, it WILL reset your values.

Author: izayoixx

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