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World War Z: Table for Cheat Engine {tyghbn}

Activate me first
- Infinite Melee
- Infinite Sprint
- Fast Leveling Class «Bug Scope, Just Right Click--
- Fast Leveling Weapon
- No Reload
- No Recoil
- Rapid Fire
- Far Camera
- Gold Com {Change the value on the right and mart l~2mmjl
- Blue Coin (Change the value on the right and wait l~2min)
- Your Level (Change the value on the right and wait 1~2min)
Teleport & Ignore Breaching Charge
- C : Save Position via Crosshair
- V: Teleport to the saved position
- Y: Zombie Always in Crosshair
- CAPS: Noclip through door /’/Disable right after passing through
‘ : Autofire when aimed at enemy
Set Player Stroke Color To ‘rellow
Glowing Items

Author: tyghbn

The source of information - World War Z

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