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Yet Another Zombie Survivors: Table for Cheat Engine {mul0}

Table Functions:

  • [Player] Base Address - Pointer to your character's base address
    • Current Health
    • Max Health
    • Dodge Chance
    • Movement Speed
    • Bullet Speed
    • etc.
  • [Player] Inifinte Health - Immortality for everyone on your team.
  • [Player] Infinite Ammo - Infinite ammo for everyone on your team.
  • [Player] Super Speed - Your character runs at high speed.
  • [Player] Survival Timer - Survival timer on the level
  • [Player] Quick level up - When you pick up the gold
  • [Player] Level of selected player - In "Select Team Leader" Menu
  • [Weapon] Rapid Fire - Rapid fire with all types of weapons.
  • [Weapon] Range - Sets the distance at which your character sees enemies and shoots at them
  • [Weapon] Damage - The damage that enemies take
  • [Enemies] Enemy speed - Enemies' movement speed

Author: mul0

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