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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel - Table for Cheat Engine {bhfff}


Force Custom Seed: You can force a specific numeric seed, just like minecraft. Be warned that it breaks replay mode

Force win: I know there's a guy who made a similar script, mine is coded in a way that it might still work with future updates

Change Phase: Once enabled, there's a "variable" that can be changed. It is aimed for automation. Be warned that if you pick a phase that you are not allowed to go, your match (not window) will freeze.

Crash Players in Room: If you send an invalid comment id, it will freeze everyone's client (including yours). Join a table and enable the script. Note: If the players are already in a match, nothing will happen to them

No loss: Prevents loosing. If combined with Insta Quit it allows you to quit the match without loosing. Be warned that if you win and have this one enabled, no one will win (:

Bad Surrend Packet: If anyone surrends, the match gets cancelled (check your match history)

Author: bhfff

The source of information - Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel

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