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Zeus and Poseidon: Table for Cheat Engine {Shizuma}


- Buildings - No Hasard (Fire / Collapse)

Remove Fire and Collapse hasard for houses and buildings.

- Buildings - Fill with worker

Fill all your buildings with workers.

- Buildings - Raw & Goods filled

Fill all buildings who need with Raw or Goods

- Buildings - Instant Productions / Craft

Set instant production to all buildings.

- Buildings - Allow all buildings

Unlock all the buildings, decorations, heroe halls, ...

- Buildings - Free placement Farms + Orchards

Allow you to build Farms and Orchards outside of meadows fields

- Buildings - Heros Halls Auto fill

Allow you to summon heros just like if all requirement are filled.

- Mission - Open play

Make your mission an Open play mission like in sandbox mode.
If you want to restore the "Mission goals" just be uncheck the trigger.

- Mission - AutoWin

Has he say instant win the mission.
Dont work if you have triggered "Open play"

- Diplomacy - Max relation with towns and Colonies

Make all the town and colonies like you.

- Trade - ResetTrade

Caravans and boats buy and sell products at each passage.

- Ingame - Editor

Check this trigger activate the level editor wizard.
Uncheck this trigger brings you back to ingame 'normal' screen.
Use the screen dropdown menu to navigate between menu and avoid some crashs or bugs.

- Times pointers

Just trigger with time indication

Author: Shizuma

The source of information - Zeus and Poseidon

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