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Disgaea 6 Complete: SaveGame (complete main story) {JorgeFFC}

- Postgame (complete main story)

- Some of the events done to recruit units like Laharl.

- Manually learned evilitys/copied from others creating scrolls(yeah, if not done like this or if have a lot of dummies in the list game will crash)

- Carnage Mode Opened(the first difficulty up the game have to offer, it have an even harder mode for whoever clear this one. The main difference is that the base game only rewards players with gears up ti'll around rank 25, clearing the D-Missions on stats gives the players gears rank 38 and 39. The thing is, to get Rank 40 gears or the old strongest, gotta play on Carnage Mode with the units being capable of getting past their limits on levels and stats, then fight the Item God of a rank 39 item and steal the rank 40 from it. Same is valid for whoever is playing on the rai something or the next difficulty above Carnage, however players will receive something like a exclusive rank 41 weapon, then fight again to add a seal. This weapon is exclusive of this mode above Carnage).

- A good enough combo of evilitys active on all units to grind on Item World/normal maps(or so i think?)

- Note that power ups and carnage/rai something limit breaks must get past the dark assembly issue and then activate it by super reincarnating the character and pressing the skill(similar to the stuff u get from the d-m something on the stats). This save have all units with the carnage already triggered so...

Path to save folder: windows hard drive -> user(you) -> app data -> roaming -> nippon...(paste here alongside ur other disgaea saves if any).

Author: JorgeFFC

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