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Ballads of Hongye: Trainer +15 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. Add 10.000 Gold
  2. Add 10.000 Cloth
  3. Add 10.000 Food
  4. Add 10.000 Water
  5. Add 10.000 Wood
  6. Add 10.000 Ore
  7. Edit Money
  8. Edit Cloth
  9. Edit Food
  10. Edit Water
  11. Edit Wood
  12. Edit Ore
  13. Edit Paid Tax
  14. Edit Prosperity
  15. Game Speed

Backup your save often since this game code is very unstable.
Be very careful using the mod, if you edit the value but it's not reflected in the game while unpaused in a second, DO NOT SAVE.
Make sure to that you read each mod instruction before using.
Best to play the game normally and wait for a few days in game passed before using any resources mod.

DOWNLOAD (83.59 Kb) 2022-Nov-30

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