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DORAEMON STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of the Great Kingdom - Trainer +25 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. Unlimited Seeds
  2. Set Selected Inventory Item Count
  3. Set Money
  4. Infinite Mana
  5. Infinite Watering Can Water
  6. Max Tool Charges
  7. Instant Tool Charge
  8. Stop Time
  9. Unlimited First Time Talk
  10. Fields Always Watered
  11. Instantly Grow Crops
  12. Instantly Break Objects
  13. Max Crop Quality
  14. Fishes Appear Instantly
  15. Fishes Don't Escape
  16. Set Last Talked to NPC Relationship Points
  17. Set Relationship Points Multiplier
  18. Force Weather
  19. [Force Weather] Weather Type
  20. Set Season
  21. Set Year
  22. Set Day
  23. Set Hour
  24. Set Minute
  25. Set Run Speed Multiplier

Changing Seasons and Years will trigger events which will skip chunks of the story. So if you care about the story, avoid changing those two.

DOWNLOAD (83.67 Kb) 2022-Nov-05

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