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Men of War II: Trainer +8 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. Infinite Health
  2. Infinite Ammo
  3. No Reload
  4. Units: Defense Multiplier
  5. Infinite Vehicle Fuel
  6. Units: One-Hit Kills
  7. Units: Damage Multiplier
  8. Set Game Speed

Start a campaign mission first, then press the 'Play' button to launch the trainer.

This trainer will target the local server for single player campaign mode. It won't be able to see the game if you are not in a campaign mission.

Note, due to the way single player mode works, the local server will be terminated every time a campaign mission ends, so you will need to re-launch the trainer every time you start a campaign mission.

DOWNLOAD (84.31 Kb) 2024-May-27

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