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Moonscars: Trainer +15 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. God Mode
  2. Unlimited Ichor
  3. 0 Skill Ichor Cost
  4. Ignore Skill Cooldown
  5. No Dash Cooldown
  6. Multiply Bone Powder Get
  7. Multiply Glands Get
  8. Unlimited Resources
  9. Edit Bone Powder
  10. Edit Gland
  11. Unlimited Spite Points
  12. Instant Kill
  13. Game Speed
  14. Multiply Character Move Speed
  15. Unlimited Jumps

Best to click play on WeMod after game main menu is loaded. If you can't activate anything then it's a sign of the game bad behavior. There's a short logo opening that can be stuck and the game code hasn't run properly, which will make the mod unable to do its job.

DOWNLOAD (83.58 Kb) 2022-Sep-30

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