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Street Fighter 6: Trainer +22 {MrAntiFun / WeMod}


  1. Infinite Health
  2. Infinite Drive Gauge
  3. Infinite Super Art Gauge
  4. [World] Unlimited Drive Gauge
  5. [Hovered Inventory Item] Amount
  6. Zeni Amount
  7. Add Zeni
  8. Subtract Zeni
  9. Set Level
  10. Set Total Experience
  11. Set Used Skill Points
  12. Set Total Skill Points
  13. Set Experience Multiplier
  14. Set Style Experience Multiplier
  15. Set Master Bond Multiplier
  16. Set Everyone to 1 Health
  17. No Drive Gauge
  18. No Super Art Gauge
  19. Stop Round Time
  20. Instant Escape
  21. Game Speed
  22. Set Movement Speed Multiplier

- A bypass is required to use this trainer.
- These mods have been made for the 'World Tour', so in any other modes they might not work properly.
- I HIGHLY recommend playing this while offline. There's anticheat, and there's a very HIGH probability of getting banned if you don't play it offline.

DOWNLOAD (84.26 Kb) 2023-Jun-08

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