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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition: Table for Cheat Engine {VampTY}


Campaign/DLC   [Combat Focus]  

Campaign/DLC   [Health]   Gabriel Belmont

Campaign/DLC   [Health]   Gabriel Belmont/Laura

Campaign/DLC   [Health/One hit kill]   Gabriel Belmont

Campaign/DLC   [Inventory]   Experience/Points

Campaign/DLC   [Inventory]   Relics   [Dark Crystals]

Campaign/DLC   [Inventory]   Relics   [Fairies]

Campaign/DLC   [Inventory]   Relics   [Holy Water Flasks]

Campaign/DLC   [Inventory]   Relics   [Silver Daggers]

Campaign/DLC   [Magic]   Light

Campaign/DLC   [Magic]   Shadow

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F1   [Trial]   Boss   [Titan]   Ice

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F2   [Trial]   Boss   [Titan]   Stone Idol

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F3   [Trial]   Level   [Abbey Library]

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F4   [Trial]   Level   [Maze Gardens]

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F5   [Trial]   Level   [Veros Woods]

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F6   [Trial]   Level   [The Clockwork Tower]

Campaign/-----   [Timer]   F7   [Trial]   Level   [The Dracolich]

Game   [Speed]   Fast

Game   [Speed]   Slow

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