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Die Young: Table for Cheat Engine {SunBeam}

Added the cheat table below which provides a few goodies:

  • Hook UCheatManager execs (execFly, execGhost, execWalk)
    The script will re-route UCheatManager::Fly, Ghost and Walk to my custom functions.
  • Hijack MoveForward/MoveRight
    Once enabled, you will be able to fly or noclip. You still need to activate fly or ghost in the console for this to work. To get back to the ground type walk in the console.
  • [ Debug ]
    There are several items here; you can set m_bImmortalModem_bGodMode and m_bStaminaGodMode to 1; you get god mode and unlimited stamina with this (note that using Alt will still decrease the blue bar).

Author: SunBeam

The source of information - Die Young

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