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Disgaea 4 Complete: Table for Cheat Engine {CheatingPotato}

Hotkeys :
F1 - Fill/Empty bonus gauge - when on bonus gauge starts at 9 each battle
F2 - Store highlighted item raw data - copy
F3 - Save stored raw data in highlighted - paste
F4 - Flip Item rarity - common -> rare -> lege -> common ...
in battle: flip all items on highlighted unit
F5 - tame all innocents of highlighted item
- inside toggle to max their lvl as well
F6 - "kill" highlighted not allied unit
inside there is a toggle for killing all enemies on F6 press
F7 - smack all enemies to 1 hp
F8/L - "Flying" - basically gives u upward speed while u press
- for those pesky treasure side areas in item world
F9 - in battle - save highlighted unit (well be using it to teleport)
F10 - teleport saved unit to cursor
F11 - on/off - infinite battle turns and movement
F12 - on/off - max lvl skill in 1 use - should not lvl enemies

Non Hot keyed
Cheat shop % override - for HL/exp/Mana - with desired % from 0 to 32767
- yes u can do 0 exp gain run if you wish so

Item World/Pirating:

Freeze Time
Infinite Commands

Author: CheatingPotato

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