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Disgaea 4 Complete: Table for Cheat Engine {The Black X}

Search and Update the money address (if necessary) before doing anything.
If stat editing doesn't reflect: De-equip and re-equip character.
Don't change from item type to another (eg: an armor into a sword)

-All Skill IDs, under Skills(Status Menu). Uniques can't be edited, won't display in game if char ID isn't correct and auto reset.
-All evilities IDs
-Asagi, Prinny Kurtis, Baal Char IDs
-Missing Weapon IDs (Now everything is included)
-ETC (armor/accessory) IDs
-Item World Floor
-Weapon Look Rarity
-Added missing icon IDs.
-Fixed broken innocent IDs.

Id Lists:
-item Icons (completed, in dropdown)
-Innocents (completed, in dropdown)
-Character ids (Most Characters, including unobtainable, in dropdown)
-Evility (complete, In dropdown)
-Skills (complete, In dropdown)
-Weapons/ETC IDs (complete, In dropdown)

Author: The Black X

The source of information - Disgaea 4 Complete

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