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Dustwind: Table for Cheat Engine {Csimbi}


Move Speed Mod; disables turtle mode.
Detection Rate Mod; scales the speed enemies detect you.
Damage Dealt Mod; scales the damage you do onto others.
Damage Received Mod; scales the damage others do onto you.
Weight Mod; scales the weight of items. You may need to drop/pickup an item to refresh full inventory weight.
Character Stats; a bunch of pointers to stats you picked and the effective values. Effective values won't refresh until you hit 'Done' in the character leveling dialog. The points you can spend is the difference of XP earned and XP spent. Adjust as necessary.
Inventory; Two things here: a pointer to money and a script that retrieves the inventory you carry. You need to disable/enable the script when your inventory changes.

Author: Csimbi

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