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Dustwind: Table for Cheat Engine {IJayI}

What the table has:
-set current weight to zero
-set item to 100 upon value change
-Stat Points = gives a certain amount that can be use on all stats upgrade other than the perks section such as "fast reload." It will decease if used in this section.
Other works:
Test and other things I have found that may or may not work.

Right now the unstable one crashes the game every time you disable it so save a different save( just in case) for the stats to save and then restart the game to disable the script. You can leave it on and the game will run fine, hopefully since nothing happened my end, just remember not to disable it else the game will crash. I think I found the reason it is crashing (in the script) but since I am still a newbie at scripting I left it alone. Let me know if this table work, if any.

Version 2 added:
-Unlimited ammo -- with minor issues but working

Author: IJayI

The source of information - Dustwind

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