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Final Fantasy VIII Remaster: Table for Cheat Engine (Steam) {DrummerIX}

Options so far:
Inf HP In Battle
One Hit Kill/Enemy Damage Multiplier
ATB Multiplier for Allies and Enemies
EXP Multiplier
Inf Magic Use (In-Battle, Out of Battle)
Inf Item Use/Set Minimum Amt On Use (In-Battle/Out of Battle)
AP Multiplier
Draw Magic Multiplier
Max Boost (Summon)
Always Able To Limit Break
Have 100 Each of Level 1-7 Cards (Except Pupu)
Have 1 of Pupu Card
Have All Rare Cards
Save Anywhere
Unlock All GF
Pointer to Gil
Option to Set All Current Items To A Minimum Amount You Specify
Pointers to Highlighted Item Editor
Pointers to Highlighted Magic Editor
Pointers to Highlighted Character Editor
Pointers to Card Trading Rules, Card Game Rules and Queen of Cards Location

Author: DrummerIX

The source of information - Final Fantasy VIII Remaster

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