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Football Manager 2019: Table for Cheat Engine v19.1.1 {tdg6661}

This is first released CE table for Football Manager 2019 and I'm still working on it. Please see "Table Extras" for more information.
What you can do with this?

Edit Player

  • Details
  • Reputation
  • Contract
  • Abilities
  • Attributes
  • Positions

Edit Club

  • Details
  • Finances
  • Facilities
  • Youth Recruitment
  • Morale

Tips/How To:
Go to Player/Club profile screen to get value.

Known bugs:
Sometimes it shows ????? (needs to be refreshed) in the value so try to Continue the game and go to Player/Club screen again.


Author: tdg6661

The source of information - Football Manager 2019

DOWNLOAD (5.1 Kb) 2019-Jan-06
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